Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 17.09.12

Tralee Omniplex is continuing to provide subtitled movies. “That’s My Boy”
is the latest subtitled movie to be screened on the 19th of September at
8.40pm. Subtitled movies are ideal for Deaf, hard of hearing movie goers and
for people who first language is not English.

Most cinemas in the UK and Ireland are now equipped with new digital
projection equipment. All digital-equipped sites have subtitle facilities,
and most popular releases now include a subtitle track in the digital film
file. Making regular use of the built-in subtitle features of digital
systems could vastly increase the amount of cinemas that regularly screen
subtitled shows. There are more than 700 cinemas in the UK and Ireland and
it is planned that almost all will be digital by 2013.

Contact your local cinemas and check if they can utilise the built-in
subtitle facilities of their digital projectors! Further information on
subtitled movies is available on

Its that time of year again when students from the Health and Leisure Dept
in the Tralee IT work with people with disabilities in a range of sporting
and leisure activities. We have been very fortunate to be invited to these
events for a number of years now.

The first event this year will be a Surfing session in Banna Beach on the
26th of September at 9am. Numbers are limited. If you are interested, please
send us your details. If you do not want to participate, you can also come
on the day to observe.

Elderly Deaf from Kerry and Cork are having a get-together this week and
heading to Dublin. Our thanks to Catherine Landers and Veronica White for
arranging the trip.

The group will visit the newly opened Deaf Village Ireland, Christchurch,
the Wax Museum, and Viking Splash. Other activities include Bingo and Mass.

A number of events are held during the year. If you are interested in
joining this group, you can send your details to us or to Catherine Landers
in Cork Deaf Association.

We would like to send our best wishes and congratulations to everyone in the
newly opened Deaf Village Ireland in Dublin.

The objective of DVI is to create an environment where Deaf and hard of
hearing people can develop, relax, play, learn, worship and be together in a
Centre which will support the interaction of Deaf people as a community, in
an integrated way with each other and the wider Irish society.

Deaf people communicate via a combination of sign language, lip reading and
the written word which puts standard educational, sports, employment,
training, support and information services as well as communication and
socialisation opportunities out of reach for many Deaf people.

The intention of DVI is that all the Deaf organisations would work together
as one, to support, promote and develop the Deaf community and adopt a
unified approach to ensure that Deaf people have appropriate access to state
services and are individually enabled to reach their potential.

A range of Deaf services have relocated to DVI or have satellite offices
there. In addition, there is a life long Educational Centre, comprehensive
sports facilities and a coffee shop on site.

For more information, go to and you can
also sign up to their facebook page there.

Are you interested in post graduate study, research or lecturing in the USA?
If so, funding is available for 2013-14 in ALL DISCIPLINES via the Fulbright

If you are interested in applying, go to and eligibility
criteria. Guidelines on the application process are available online if you
are applying as a student or scholar.

Applications must include personal information and CV. A personal statement
& or a research/ project statement. In addition, references, transcripts if
you are a student and samples of work for visual and performing arts.

Applications can be submitted online AND in hard copy by 3pm Wednesday 14th
of November 2012.

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