Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 16.01.12

Access to emergency services has finally become a reality for the Deaf and
hard of hearing community in Ireland. However, the text service will only
run for a period of 6 months until the end of June 2012, whereupon it will
be reviewed in full. Following this review, a decision will be made whether
to extend the Pilot period beyond June 2012, or make the service available
on a full-time basis, amend it or withdraw it.

The 112 SMS service will enable Deaf, hard of hearing and those speech
difficulties send a text message to the Emergency Call Answering Service
(ECAS) where it will be passed to An Garda Síochána, the Ambulance service,
the Fire service, or the Irish Coastguard. The ECAS operator will act as a
relay between the texter and the required emergency service.

Emobile, Meteor, Three, O2 and Vodafone are participating in the pilot at
this time. The remaining mobile phone communication companies are hoping to
join the pilot shortly. The Pilot 112 SMS service is not available from a

To use the service, you must:
Send a text message with the word ‘register’ to the following number 112.
You will then receive the following message about the service- “Now
registered. In using this service you accept the terms and conditions listed
at You must give details of home address at
If you do not receive the above confirmation message, then you must not
assume that you have successfully registered.

This is an important step in getting access for Deaf and hard of hearing
people to vital emergency services. It is critical that people register for
this service. We must all demand that it is established on a permanent basis
and not just for the 6-month trial basis.

A group of people from the Irish Deaf community including our own Veronica
White and Willie White are involved in a project to build a Deaf Centre in
Ethiopia. We got great news this week- work has commenced on the land, trees
have been removed, land has been excavated and foundation work has started.
This is a great achievement for all those involved in the project and the
realisation of a dream for the Ambo Deaf community. Our sincere thanks to
everyone who supported us to date and for those who have fundraised towards
the building costs. Huge thanks to Stephen Monaghan and the Vincentian Lay
Missionaries, without their vision and dedication, this would not be a

The Irish team who are having a reunion in Cork this week and we’d like to
send our best wishes and congrats to all of them- now that work has
commenced, they deserve a celebratory drink.

Photos and updates are posted on the following page

The EFB has awarded grants for educational purposes to former residents of
institutions and their eligible relatives. Members of the Deaf community who
were in residential schools have been eligible for these grants in the past.
The EFB has announced that is not in a position to process any further
applications that may be received after 30th November 2011.

All applications received after that date will be held on file in order of
date of receipt and will be subject to review in the event that the funds
available to the Board are not fully expended on applications received
before that date.

The Board has been advised that the Government is proceeding with
legislation to establish a Residential Institutions Statutory Fund to
support the victims of residential institutional abuse. It is intended that
former residents who have received awards from the Residential Institutions
Redress Board will be eligible to apply for support from the Fund which will
make arrangements for the provision of approved services, including
educational services, to support the needs of former residents. The Board
understands that work on the legislation is progressing and the Minister for
Education and Skills expects to publish the Bill shortly.

Further information on the EFB is available at

The Irish Deaf Society has regular email newsletters called E-info, which
are of interest to the Deaf community across Ireland. If you would like to
receive these, send your email address and the county you live in by email
to Tracey Treanor, Development Worker at [email protected].

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