Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 15.07.13

We would like to thank Susan O’Callaghan from Cork Deaf Association and all the volunteers and participants in the annual Youth Camp which took place in Deaf Village Ireland (DVI) last week. The camp was open to Deaf, hard of hearing & hearing teens with Deaf parents and/or other Deaf relatives from Co. Cork and Co. Kerry.

A range of activities took place from Monday to Thursday in DVI and in various locations throughout Dublin. Our thanks to DVI for providing the accommodation and for the use of their extensive facilities.

We would like to thank our own Patrick Doody, Geraldine Broderick and Veronica White for volunteering at the camp. We appreciate their hard work.

If you would like to join future camps, please send us your details .

A pilot project to enable Deaf and hard of hearing contact Emergency services via text message has now been put on a permanent footing. To use the service, you will need to register your mobile phone.

The services in Ireland which can be contacted by 112 include the Garda Siochana, Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade and the Irish Coast Guard. In addition, the 112 service also works in all EU countries which will be of relief to Deaf and hard of hearing people travelling there on holiday or business.

You can contact the 112 service by text in situations such as:
Life is at risk. Crime/trouble is happening now. Someone is injured or threatened. Person committing crime is near. There is a fire or people trapped. You need an ambulance urgently. Someone is in trouble, or missing, at sea. Someone is in trouble on the cliffs or on the shoreline

Emobile, Meteor, Three, O2 and Vodafone participated in the original Pilot. You will need to check if the remaining mobile phone communication companies have joined the service?

To register you r mobile, you can call to our service and we will assist you. Alternatively, you can go to and follow the instructions.

As part of the Irish Deaf Society’s campaign for legal recognition of Irish Sign Language (ISL), Roscommon County Council is the latest Council to pass a motion calling on the Government to legally recognised ISL.

According to John Bosco Conama- while County Councils do not have the power to impose policies on a national level. Once a policy is passed at local Government level, the message is passed to national Government and they are obligated to respond to these motions. Hence more motions, the better the awareness of ISL at national level.

Our congrats to Roscommon County Council for being proactive in their support of this campaign.

Our service will closed for annual leave for the month of August. We will close on Wednesday the 31st of July at 5pm and will re-open on Monday the 2nd of September at 10am. We would like to thank our staff, Board members, volunteers and supporters for their hard work and commitment to our service to date. We hope you enjoy your time off and we look forward to working with you all again in September.

If you require a sign language interpreter for medical or legal emergencies during August, you can contact the Sign Language Interpreting Service emergency number at 087 672 5179

Our contact details:
Kerry Deaf Resource Centre
4 Gas Tce, Tralee

KDRC provides services to Deaf and hard of hearing at county level and contributes to national issues of equality, access and rights.

Mobile (text) 087 633 4687
E-mail: [email protected]

KDRC provides services to Deaf and hard of hearing at county level and contributes to national issues of equality, access and rights.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre (KDRC)
4 Gas Tce, Tralee, Co. Kerry, IRELAND

Mobile (text) 087 633 4687
E-mail: [email protected]
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