Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 13.06.11

The IDYA launched their new website recently. It’s full of news about the
organisation and their events, but it also has useful information about the
Deaf community, Sign Language and interpreting. Check it out at:

The members of Iceland’s parliament voted recently to recognise Icelandic
Sign language as equivalent to spoken Icelandic. On Friday 27th May 2011 the
parliament bill to increase the legal status of Icelandic Sign Language.
Congratulations to the Icelandic Association of the Deaf and all members of
the Deaf community after their long efforts over the 20 years to see the
position of Icelandic Sign Language enshrined in law. For more information
see EUD’s report:

KILLARNEY COFFEE MORNING FOR PARENTS OF DEAF/HOH KIDS. Killarney is inviting parents with pre-school children with a
hearing loss to a coffee morning at their office at 10 Flemmings Lane (off
High St), Killarney on Monday 20th June, from 11am – 12.30pm. Sally Harvest
(Hearing & Communication Therapist & CI user, and parent of deaf/hard of
hearing child with CI) will be hosting the coffee morning. Children are
welcome. Please call or text Sally at 0862464640 for further information and
to confirm your attendance.

The Deaf Society of New South Wales (WFD Associate Member) will host the
next World Federation of the Deaf Conference in Sydney, Australia from 16 –
18 October 2013. The Conference theme will be “Equality for Deaf People”. In
particular the conference will focus on progress in implementing the UN
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Ireland signed this
Convention but has not yet ratified it.

Loss and bereavement are complex life experiences for everyone. This is also
the case for Deaf people with intellectual disability.

St. Michael’s House, Dublin is a service for people with intellectual
disability. It has developed a programme called “Live & Let Die” to support
people with intellectual disability on the death of a loved one. KDRC has
asked St. Michael’s House to provide this training in Kerry on 3rd and 4th
November of this year to people who work with Deaf people with an
intellectual disability.

Sign Language interpreters will be provided.

The training is not suitable if you have experienced a significant or recent

The training will cover areas such as:
Identification of behaviour specific to people with intellectual
disabilities at the time of the loss and bereavement;
Practical measures to support service users before, during and after
Information on mainstream services that provide bereavement support.

Places are limited. Where possible the training provider has asked that two
participants from the same organisation attend together. A questionnaire
will be sent out to participants beforehand.

The cost to attend the training is 150 euro for professionals and 25 euro
for the unwaged. Your employer may be able to cover the cost training as
part of your Professional Development. If you have any questions about
Professional Development, please contact KDRC or your local Deaf

If you are interested in attending this training, please contact KDRC by
email: [email protected] or fax: 066 7120386.

This initiative is sponsored by Community Foundation of Ireland, Bishop of
Kerry and Institute of Technology Tralee.

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