Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 09.07.12

Our service will hold a Street Collection in Killarney on the 13th of July
from 11am to 5pm. We are looking for volunteers for this event. We would
appreciate any time you can offer whether it’s an hour, half-day, full day.

This is a very important fundraiser for our service. It is becoming more
critical with the constant cuts that organisations such as ours are
experiencing. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Alma Bermingham would like to inform you of an online survey which will look
at better communication between a family doctor (GP) and Deaf patients with
sign language including ISL interpreters. In particular, Internet and apps
on a smartphone, that is iPhone or Android. She would really appreciate it
if you could take a few moments to fill it out at

The Deaf Education Centre has developed a survey to gather information from
people who are working in the ISL support scheme. This is the scheme where
an adult (usually Deaf) goes to the home of a family with a Deaf child to
teach ISL.

The main aim of the survey is to make a database (list) so tutors can be
contacted. A second reason is to find out a little bit about the background
of tutors, such as where they are working, what level of training they have.

The survey is suitable to tutors who have worked as an ISL home tutor
recently (in the last year), are working as an ISL home tutor now, or plan
to work as an ISL home tutor soon (in the next year).

Instructions are listed on the survey at the following weblink

In the most recent edition of IDN, there are two interesting items for the
Deaf community. One is the ongoing issue with Ulster Bank, which has
affected some Deaf customers. On Ulster Bank’s website, they say they hope
that the week commencing 9 July will be the final week of any significant
delays for their customers. They expect gradual, but significant and
noticeable, improvements throughout the remainder of this week. It is their
expectation that by the week beginning 16 July the vast majority of
customers will return to a normal service, but some residual reconciliations
may be required. Once again they would like to unreservedly apologise to
their customers. They will continue to provide daily updates on their
progress on

The other item is a change to Visa rules for those moving to Australia. With
the current recession, we are seeing more people including members of the
Deaf community applying for Visas to Australia. The new rules may impact on
new applications. For more information, contact the Australian Embassy at or

To see IDN Edition 123, go to>

The information gathered will be used to create a mailing list to contact
you about future projects involving ISL tuition. The names and contact
details are used for the mailing list only. The database will be used by the
Deaf Education Centre primarily, but if another organisation asks for a
tutor in their area, we will contact you to ask if we can forward your
details on. On the survey, you have the option to say that you are happy to
have your details on our website so parents can contact you directly.

There will also be some simple analysis on the characteristics of those who
respond such as where they work, their level of training, etc. Those
findings may be used for future planning and a brief report will be made
available on the DEC website about these findings. For example, a brief
report may be produced about the lack of tutors in particular locations or
the level of qualifications overall. Any discussion of the findings of this
analysis will NOT use names of those who respond. This part of the survey
will be analysed by Dr. Elizabeth Mathews.

Further information is available by email [email protected]

The Irish Deaf Society (IDS) is proud to present the 1st Irish Deaf Film
Festival. The event will be held from the 12th-14th of October 2012. It will
be held in the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin.

Entry is 20 euro if you register before the 14th of September and increases
to 30euro after that date. For more information, go to
or email [email protected]

This promises to be a great event for the Irish Deaf community. Our best
wishes to the IDS and to the organisers of the festival.

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