Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 09.05.16


Last week, in Banna Beach, thieves got into a Deaf individual’s car in Banna Beach in Co. Kerry & stole items belonging to 3 Deaf individuals & a sign language interpreter

The items stolen included money, an iPad, an American passport, Christy’s Killarney Gifts Shop bags, Nadur Spa vouchers and bank cards etc. Within an hour or so, the thieves later tried to withdraw money from their banks accounts in the Clash area of Tralee. The amount taken combined came to a few thousand euros which most of it cannot be claimed back by insurance.

If you were near Banna or come across discarded bags, an American passport, iPad etc, let us know. The theft has been reported to local Gardaí. Radio Kerry also interviewed two of the individuals affected, and Kerry’s Eye newspaper featured an article on the incident.

Cormac Leonard who is a sign language interpreter, and Connor Nourse, who is Catherine’s son, have setup a GoFundMe page to help those whose items have been stolen. To donate, go to


As you may know, my friend, mentor and colleague, ISL interpreter Catherine White and three Deaf friends of hers were recently robbed of thousands of euros’ worth of property and money while visiting the beach in Kerry. It was a despicable act that has left the group devastated and in financial hardship.

There’s a GoFundMe campaign going to try and give a little something back to Catherine and the group. I would really appreciate if interpreters or Deaf people (or indeed anyone else) who knows Catherine and Steve Walker, could give even a few bob towards relieving their stress. Thanks so much for contributing and/or forwarding. To donate, go to


Hi, my name is Connor Nourse. I have set up this GoFundMe with my Mother’s colleague and friend Cormac Leonard.

My mother is Catherine White, a sign language interpreter who often does work for the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre. My mother is a fantastic, energetic and inspiring woman. She has been a pioneer in establishing and running services for Deaf people in Kerry, the rest of Ireland, the UK and New Zealand. She is a daughter of Deaf parents and a cousin and niece of an extended Deaf family. She has served as a mentor, colleague and friend of Cormac and many other dedicated people around the country. Early last year, me and my mom returned to Kerry from the UK determined to live near family and friends again, and to assist the Kerry Deaf community and KDRC centre.
But on Thursday 21st April in Kerry, my mother, and three close friends, were the victim of callous thieves.

Catherine had performed sign language interpreting during the 1916 Banna Strand Commemoration State visit, and interpreted for Michael D Higgins, making his words visible and accessible for the local Deaf community. It was a proud moment for Kerry.

When my mother was visited by an American friend, Steve Walker, later that week, she made a return visit to Banna Strand on Thursday 27th April between 4.30 and 5 pm. My mother, with two other Deaf friends, wanted to show their Deaf visitor where the historic event had taken place.
They placed four bags into the boot of their car, which contained a substantial amount of cash, bank cards and shopping. In amongst the bags, Steve had his American passport, along with his Irish Flag covered iPad. He had also purchased a substantial amount of Irish products to bring back to his wife and family. When they returned to the car, the boot was broken into, and all the cash, bank cards and shopping were gone.

The amount taken combined is substantial, going into thousands of euros, but cannot be claimed back through insurance. The thieves later tried to withdraw money from the bank card accounts. After eight attempts, they succeeded in taking additional monies out of my mother’s account.
This robbery of property and money belonging to my mother and her Deaf friends has shocked and devastated us. It has placed them in considerable financial hardship. This was a cowardly and cruel hearted robbery which has deeply affected the Kerry Deaf community and especially myself and mother.

The amount we are trying to raise is less than the accountable losses. But with your help we can do something to help. This campaign has been set up to at least alleviate some of the financial difficulties they have been facing.
Two of those affected, my mom and her friend Steve Walker, have given us their permission to use their names.
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