Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 08.10.12

Our next monthly mass in sign language will be held on the 14th of October
at 3pm. As usual, it will be held in St. John’s Pastoral Centre in Tralee.
Veronica White from the NCDP will interpret the mass. Tea and coffee will be
served after the mass and this will give everyone a chance to chat
afterwards. If you require transport to the event, please let us know in

CDA have a range of activities coming up from now until December. As always,
these events are open to Deaf adults and children from Co. Kerry.

The following activities will be organised for elderly Deaf:
Crafts (16th Oct), Flower Arrangement (30th of Oct & 13th of Nov), Mass with
Fr. Gerard from Dublin & Bingo (27th Nov), and Christmas Lunch (4th of Dec-
details to be confirmed)

A number of activities will also be organised for children:
Xmas Party (24th of Nov- details to be confirmed), Fota Winter Wonderland
(6th Dec- details to be confirmed).

In addition, there will be an open Christmas fundraiser fair in Ballypheane
in aid of Deaf project in Ethiopia on 25th Nov. If you are interested in
attending any of these activities, please let us know and we will inform

The 3rd European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters Working Seminar will
take place in Dublin, Ireland, on 27 & 28 February 2013. The theme of the
seminar is “Quality Assurance & Assessment in Sign Language Interpreter
Education in Europe”.

Across Europe there are approximately 50 training programmes at formal
institutions for sign language interpreters. Training of sign language
is conducted at an educational institutions (private or public) or by

trainers. We would like to send our best wishes to the Centre for Deaf
Studies in Trinity College Dublin, as they will be hosting the event. For
more information on the event, go to

Hearing children of Deaf parents are often referred to as CODA- Children of
Deaf Adults. Different researchers have interviewed adult CODA’s about their
experiences of growing up in Deaf families and if they ever interpret for
their parents. But very few researchers have talked to young CODA’s about
their experiences of growing up with Deaf parents, and how they feel about
interpreting for their parents (or other family members).

Although it is generally accepted that children should not interpret for
their parents, as professional interpreters are available, spoken language
brokering research reveals that young people often do help their parents or
other family members to communicate in a range of different settings. But
rather than feeling embarrassed or resentful about it, some researchers
(such as Angelelli and Valdes) say that these young people should be proud
of their bilingual skills and be treated as gifted people who can use the
skills they develop at a young age to become leaders of the future.

The aims of the research project funded by the Macquarie University Safety
To copy the spoken language brokering research and see if and when young
CODA’s (between the ages of 13-18) do any language brokering for their
family members, and how they feel about their language brokering experience.
To see whether adult CODA’s (aged over 18) still assist their own parents or
family members as language brokers, how they feel about it; and how many
adult CODA’s who did this kind of interpreting role when they were young
chose to become professional interpreters.

It is hoped that this survey will give a picture of how young CODA’s can be
encouraged to pursue a career as sign language interpreters, and help
interpreter educators to identify the training needs for CODA’s. The
researchers are also keen to hear from Deaf people with Deaf parents as they
often take on this type of brokering role.

This research is open to CODA’s internationally and it would be great if
Irish CODA’s could contribute their experience to the research. For more
information, you can contact the following: Associate Professor Jemina
Napier, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University, E-mail:
[email protected] or Gerry Shearim, Email: [email protected]

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