Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 07.11.11
Just a short reminder for those who agreed to complete a sports
questionnaire for students in the Sports and Leisure Dept of the Inst. of
Technology Tralee. If you could return the questionnaires soon, that would
be appreciated.

Sports Questionnaire for people who are deafhard of hearing.docx

Completed forms can be sent by email to [email protected]

The Irish Deaf Youth Assoc. (IDYA) is looking for your support.
They have been nominated for the Better Together competition and are looking
for your votes.

They have been short listed in the Volunteer Only category and are in a
chance of winning 3,000 euro.

They are currently in 11th place and need to be in the Top 10 to be in with
a chance of winning the prize money.

To vote, go to

The Irish Tinnitus Association will hold its Autumn Meeting (15th
Anniversary) on Saturday 19th Nov in the Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street,

Registration will be at 10am and the meeting starts 11am promptly. Admission
is free.

The keynote speakers will be: David Baguley, PhD,  Don McFerran, BSc. FRCS
and Laurence McKenna, PhD.

For more information, Tel: 01 8175700, fax: 01 872 3816, text:  01 8783629,
Email [email protected]

Deafhear Killarney will hold full hearing assessments and Tinnitus
evaluation for clients on the 22nd of November from 9am to 4.30pm.
Recommendations on how to best manage Tinnitus will also be available.

If you are interested in attending this service please contact Sally Harvest
before the 10th of November to book an appointment. Tel: 064 6620052, Text:
0862464640, E-mail: [email protected]

DEAFHEAR FAMILY INFORMATION WEEKEND. will host its annual information weekend for families with
children who have been newly diagnosed with a hearing loss in Portlaoise in

The weekend will bring families from across the country together, to give
you the opportunity to gain information about supports available locally and
nationally from professionals and peers.

Experienced DeafHear staff will lead the weekend. Their guest speakers will
be an Audiological Scientist, a Speech and Language Therapist and a Visiting
Teacher all of whom have a vast amount of experience working with children
with a hearing loss.

There will be a session with a Deaf person and their sibling/ family members
regarding their experiences growing up in a hearing family. There will also
be ample opportunities to talk to other families and DeafHear staff.

The cost of attending the weekend is €60 per adult (16 and over) and €30 per
child (under 16) for the weekend. All accommodation, meals, information pack
and children’s activities will be provided by DeafHear.

If you would like to participate in this weekend, a completed booking form
should be returned by the 27th of January. If you would like more Siobhán
Egan, Family Resource Worker
Mob: 086 6052205, Email: [email protected]

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