Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 07.03.11

Susan O’Callaghan, Cool Youth Club Co-ordinator in the Cork Deaf Association
(CDA) would like to inform everyone of a trip in Kenmare, Co. Kerry from the
17th to the 23rd of July. There will be a five full day programme with
activities such as canoeing, sailing, games, team challenges, water
trampolines and cruising.

The camp is open to Deaf, hard of hearing and Kids of Deaf Adults (KODA’s)
and is open to people from Kerry also. It will be limited to 20 youths and 6
adult volunteers. The total cost will be approx 200 euros per person, which
will include accommodation, activities and interpreter services.

CDA hope to organise fundraising activities to cover the remainder of the
costs. They are also hoping to organise a fashion show sometime in May. The
age category is between 10 and 17 years old. However, applications will be
considered from young Deaf adults who may have a learning disability, autism

We have application forms and a timetable for people living in Kerry. If you
would like more information, you can email Susan at [email protected]

The Citizens Information Phone Service’s launched their new Live Advisor
facility last year. Since then there have been a number of minor changes to
the service including the web address where the Live Advisor is hosted.
Live Advisor can now be found at:

Live Advisor is an instant chat service operating between the hours of
9am-5pm (Monday to Friday), which is specifically targeted toward Deaf
people and people with hearing and speech difficulties and others who have
difficulty communicating by telephone.

We have a number of promotional products for sale with KDRC contact details
on them. These are part of our fundraising activities. We have
mini-flashlights, which cost 3euro each. We also have pencils that cost
1euro each. They are available from our office in Tralee. However, we would
be happy to post them to you with a small charge for postage.

In addition, we have small gold pins with “I love you” in sign language.
This is a well-known sign that is recognised internationally. They cost
2euro per pin. All income generated from sales of these items go towards the
overheads of running our service. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

While there has been alot of talk about cuts and doom and gloom- we are
continuing to offer a range of activities in our Centre.

We have literacy classes in conjunction with the Deaf Adult Literacy Service
(DALS). We also have computer classes, again supported by DALS. In addition,
we have one-to-one computer classes with a volunteer one-day a week. Clients
can also avail of free Internet, e-mail, videophone, and webcam access. We
have five computers in our upstairs office, which are available to the
public. As demand for these is high, we would appreciate it if people book
in slots so they are guaranteed a place. Art and crafts classes are also
being provided by a Deaf tutor. The National Chaplaincy supports our monthly
mass in sign language for Deaf people (NCDP). Our outdoor activities with
the ITT ran from September to December and we are hoping to provide these
activities again next September.

If there are any activities you would like to avail of, contact us and we
will do our best to accommodate you.

The IDS will organise an information meeting in our service on the 19th of
April at 2.30pm. Susan O’Callaghan will host this event. This session is an
opportunity to learn new information on Health, Education, Community and
social matters, which are of relevance to the Deaf community.

Susan will give a presentation followed by ‘question and answer’ session
along with tea and coffee. Further information will be available closer to
the day.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre
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