Our monthly mass will be held this Sunday at 3pm in St. John’s Pastoral
Centre in Tralee. As usual, Veronica White of the National Chaplaincy will
interpret the mass. Tea and coffee will be served afterwards. If you require
accessible transport to this event, please contact us.

Are you a former resident of St. Mary’s School for Deaf Girls, Cabra, or St.
Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys, Cabra prior to May 1999? Are you looking for
further training? If so, you may be entitled to support from the Education
Finance Board scheme for yourself, your children, grandchild and/or other
designated relatives. Former residents must register their details online at

Applications for children or grandchildren who are attending school will
require an education endorsement form signed by their school. If tuition is
provided outside of their school, you must submit information about the
qualifications of the tutor and their PPS number. A child of a former
resident may be able to avail of 900 euro per year (max 30euro per hour).

Further information and criteria is available at

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Health and Leisure Dept of
the Institute of Technology, Tralee for including Deaf and hard of hearing
clients of our service in their recent surfing activities in Banna Beach. We
had a great time on the day and were delighted to be a part of this fun
filled event. The next event is kayaking and canoeing on the 16th of Oct- if
you are interesting in attending, please let us know.

The World Association of Sign Language Interpreters wants your help to
design a logo for its conference in Durban, in the province of
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 2011. The theme of the conference is “Think
Globally – Act Locally”. The WASLI conference will be held from 14-16 July
Please email your submissions (in Word, PDF, or JPG file) by 15 October 2010
to [email protected].

Cork-based interpreter Cormac Leonard has put together an information
leaflet about accredited Sign Language interpreters working in Cork. The
leaflet will be available in Deaf services in Cork, including the Cork Deaf
Club and the Cork Deaf Association. It will be used to promote interpreter
services in Cork within courts, hospitals, and other service providers and
to ensure there is an awareness of the rights of Deaf people to
interpreters, and also an awareness of how to book one. The leaflet was
published with the assistance of the Cork Deaf Association. For more
information, go to,

Cork Interpreters.pdf

The 191st Dublin Deaf Scout Group has been in existence for over fifteen
years and has over thirty members from six-year-old Beavers to teenage
Venturers. Its numbers are expanding and the Group is looking for volunteers
to lend a hand. Volunteers will help with the running of the group,
activities, games and trips. Volunteers will also get the chance to go on
camping trips.

Meetings are held every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm in Drumcondra, Dublin. If
you have been in the Scouts already, they would love to hear from you, but
you don’t need any Scout experience as training and guidance is provided.
For more information please contact [email protected]

Congratulations to Deaf linguist, Professor Carol Padden, who is the first
Deaf person to win a ”Genius Grant”. Properly known as the MacArthur
Fellowships, the awards are granted to a small group of American citizens
each year.

The award recognises potential for great creative work in a wide variety of
fields. MacArthur Fellows receive 500,000 dollars. The funding is
no-strings-attached; the purpose of the award is to allow talented
individuals to delve into their work and explore their potential as
professional leaders, without needing to worry about money.

Professor Padden’s research focuses on the unique structure and evolution of
sign languages and on the specific social implications of signed
communication. Her early research on American Sign Language clarified
misconceptions about the grammatical use of visual space, showing, for
example, how signers use points in space to refer to different subjects.
More recently she has carried out research on the emerging Al-Sayyid Bedouin
Sign Language (ABSL).

Although various sign languages in use around the world are relatively young
and rapidly developing, Padden and her colleagues have demonstrated that
emerging languages, even if not yet mature, can nonetheless quickly adopt
complex grammatical structures. She also writes extensively about historical
factors impacting the development and use of sign language, including
obstacles to interaction and integration of Deaf culture within larger

For more information about Carol Padden’s award see:

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