Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 04.03.13

This has been a busy week for sign language interpreters and trainers in
Ireland. There were two major events going on- EFSLI and MEDISIGNS.

Lorraine Leeson- Professor and Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies gives
an account of the week. “First we welcomed colleagues from EFSLI (European
Forum of Sign Language Interpreters) from over 20 countries here to Dublin
for the third in a series of seminars to focus on curricular issues in the
training of sign language interpreters. Our Provost, Professor Paddy
Prendergast opened proceedings, setting the scene for a very fruitful
discussion guided by Prof David Little’s keynote on assessment. This paved
the way for two days of fruitful discussion and collaboration.

Then we moved on to a two-day seminar on healthcare interpreting. This was
launched by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr. Clare Byrne in Dublin’s Mansion
House where we helped to wet the head of the Lord Mayor’s newest bundle of
joy! Our very own Prof John Saeed opened proceedings for the Medisigns
conference. Then we had contributions from a range of academics and policy
makers including Prof Jemina Napier, Asim Sheikh, Robin Dean, Dr. Anna-Lena
Nilsson, Caoimhe Gleeson, Ilana Rozanes, Haaris Sheikh, Carmel Grehan and
yours truly (Prof Lorraine Leeson)! It was wonderful to welcome colleagues
from across Ireland to an event that showcased content they were integral

Thanks to KDRC, DCC, CAD, DeafHear, IDS, Bridge Interpreting, SLIS, CISLI,
ITIA and the many individuals who made the work possible. A drop in the
ocean in terms of what needs to be done, but hopefully a step in the right
direction. Made possible thanks to Leonardo da Vinci funding”.

KDRC would like to thank Veronica White, Suzanne Carey and Willie White for
representing our service at the MEDISIGNS conference.

This week we would like to welcome a further two sign language interpreting
students from the Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College.

Eileen Drumgoole is a fourth year interpreting student studying Irish Sign
Language (ISL). Her first introduction to ISL was in primary school when the
teacher showed the class the alphabet and everyone learned how to spell
their names. From this experience, Eileen always wanted to learn more. When
she finished secondary school, she enrolled in two night classes, one in her
local College and the second in the DeafHear office in Dundalk.

Over the years, she has been actively involved in the Deaf Community in
Dundalk. She has volunteered in the DeafHear office which give her the
opportunity to meet with the local Deaf and hard of hearing people in the
community.  She has also been on the Dundalk Deaf Group committee for the
last two years and was elected as secretary for the group in 2011-2012. She
has worked with the group in organising and planning numerous social events.
Most recently, she helped organise the Marketing and PR for the annual
Christmas carols through Sign Language.

Leanne Saurin is also a fourth year student in CDS, training to become an
ISL/English Interpreter. She became interested in ISL when she taught
swimming lessons to a child who was a CODA (hearing Child of Deaf Adults).
Leanne then applied to CDS after finishing secondary school. She has been
involved in various activities in the Deaf community over the past four

She was a volunteer with IDS, and is now involved in IDYA St. Patrick’s Day
event. Leanne is now a staff member in IDS and is administrator for the ISL

We would like to thank Susanne Mooney for continuing to provide pottery and
clay classes to our clients. These classes have been very successful and
feedback on the classes has been great.

In addition, Abigail Cahill continues to teach card and craft making classes
as part of her own training as an Illustrator. As we are now approaching St.
Patrick’s Day, we hope to run St. Patrick Day card making classes.

For those who are interested, Veronica White from the National Chaplaincy
for Deaf People is also willing to attend and talk about the life of St.
Patrick. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

Lastly, Willie White is continuing to provide classes on the linguistics of
Irish Sign Language. These classes are full at the moment and further
classes will be held in due course.

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