Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 02.03.15

The Public Health Agency of Northern Ireland has produced videos in Irish
Sign Language as part of their Cervical Cancer screening and Breast
Screening programmes to show what happens when women attend their
appointment for a cervical/smear test or a mammogram.  Although it is aimed
at women living in Northern Ireland the programmes are very similar here in
Ireland.  Women living in Ireland aged 50 to 64 are invited to register for
a free mammogram on an area-by-area basis every two years and women aged 25
to 44 can register and have a free smear test every three years and aged 45
to 60 every five years.

For information on breast screening in Ireland go to:
For information on Cervical cancer screening in Ireland go to:

You can view the videos in ISL by going to the following links.

Cervical Cancer screening in ISL

Breast screening in ISL:

Dr Gill Harold’s presentation “Exploring the experiences of Deaf victims in
the spaces and process of the Irish criminal justice system” will be held on
Thursday 26th March in the Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton Building, Trinity
College, Dublin  from 7 pm – 9 pm.  The hosts for the presentation are the
Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College, Dublin and Interesource Group
(Ireland) Limited under the auspices of the JUSTISIGNS Project, funded by
the European Commission.

Gill’s research, which commenced in October 2013, is funded over two years
under the Government of Ireland postdoctoral fellowship.  She is based at
the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights within the Faculty of Law
at University College Cork.  Gill’s research aims to uncover the perceptions
of the Irish legal system from Deaf victims’ viewpoints.

The project aims to develop training materials to support best practice
delivery of services to Deaf people in police settings.  In Ireland, one of
their points of focus is capacity building for prospective Deaf Interpreters
and the development of good collaborative strategies for working in
Deaf-hearing interpreting teams in police settings.

Interpreters in English and Irish Sign Language will be available on the

Anna Murphy and Mary Finch are conducting a survey for their final year
dissertation project.  They are both Senior Sophister (4th year) students on
the Bachelor in Deaf Studies programme at Trinity College Dublin.

Their study is concerned with what kinds of information is made available to
parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, and whether this has changed
over time.  The survey is online and completely anonymous.  It contains
thirty-one questions and will take approximately twenty to twenty-five
minutes.  Completion of the survey is completely voluntary – you can opt to
not participate if you so prefer.

While this study will not benefit those participating directly, their input
will help them to understand more clearly the kinds of information that
parents in Ireland receive/have received/would like to receive.  The
students will be able to present a snapshot giving an overview of the
situation in Ireland today and report on this in publications/ in
presentations.  The only people who will have access to the completed
questionnaires are Anna Murphy and Mary Finch and their supervisor, Prof.
Lorraine Leeson.

If you have any questions or queries about this research you can e-mail Anna
Murphy: [email protected] or Mary Finch: [email protected].  You are also free, to
contact. Prof. Lorraine Leeson at [email protected].

A report of the findings can be forwarded to you upon request in summer
2015.  Please e-mail Anna or Mary at the above e-mail addresses.  Finally,
they would like to thank those for participating in their research project
and hope that they will be able to report on their findings in autumn 2015
via the Deaf Education Centre and/or the Centre for Deaf Studies.

To complete their survey go to:

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