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Irish Deaf Society posted details recently on their facebook page on how to give feedback to RTÉ and TV3 about their subtitles. You can contact RTÉ regarding subtitles by text message at 087 7989128 or email to [email protected].

Your message must include the following information:
– What channel is having problems (RTÉ One or RTÉ Two, etc.)?
– What is the problem you are having?
– On what date did you have the problem?
– What time did the problem start?
– What is the name of the programme?
– What area do you live in?
– What carrier do you use (Satellite/Cable)?When contacting TV3 include the same information (i.e. answer the seven questions above) and email [email protected].

Sign Language interpreters will be provided at an upcoming seminar organised by the Disability Federation of Ireland. The title of the seminar is “Listen – How organisations can more actively consult with people with disabilities to plan responsive and relevant services into the future”, and it will be held on 11th June in the F2 Centre, 3 Reuben Plaza, Rialto, Dublin 8.

To register, email or call John Doyle at 014547978. Please state if you will be attending the AGM and/or the Seminar and inform them of any requirement you may have.

If you are taking a trip to London this summer, make some time to drop into The Deaf Lounge, in the Seven Sisters area. The club was launched on May 25th, with former Hollyoaks actress Rachel Shenton attending the launch party.

According to its website the Deaf Lounge “provides a social venue for the deaf in a club-style environment.” The Deaf Lounge employs Deaf staff, including security, bar and DJ staff, and all the staff are trained in Sign Language. It is over 18s only, and is open Tuesday-Thursday 6pm-11pm, and 8pm-2am on Friday and Saturday. Find it on facebook:

SLIS (Sign Language Interpreting Service) is in the process of developing a new website as part of the voluntary National Register awarded to the agency by the Citizens Information Board in 2011 under its strategic remit for “providing information, advice and advocacy on a broad range of public and social services”.

As part of the new website, SLIS intends to include a profiles section where potential clients (Deaf and hearing) can view certain pertinent information, such as an interpreter’s qualifications and experience, CPD, areas of interest, etc. This information may be useful when assigning an interpreter/s for a particular job.
The information may also include details such as contact details, confirmation of a current tax clearance certificate, a photograph and/or a short introduction in ISL. All information collected from interpreters will be held in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and 2003, and will be used solely for the purposes of providing information to potential clients through the SLIS website. Interpreters can request to have details amended or removed at any stage.

If you are interested in finding out more about SLIS and their work, go to their website:

3D printing is a process by which three dimensional objects are made using a digital model. 3D printing is an additive process, that is, layers of material are laid down in different shapes. This is different from traditional techniques which use machines that remove material by cutting or drilling (a subtractive process). In recent years sales of 3D printers have grown significantly and their price has dropped.

It has been reported that there are 10 million 3D printed hearing aids in circulation worldwide. 3D printing is used mostly for the outer shell of In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids. 3D printing makes hearing aids more comfortable which is why it has become so popular in the hearing aid industry.

For more information, see:

In these difficult times, we can all benefit from making sure that, as consumers, we are getting the best value for money. Nowadays there are many comparison websites for industries such as travel, insurance, etc. is an Irish comparison website that allows users to compare the prices across a broad range of services including gas and electricity, television and broadband, credit cards and savings accounts. The site, which is free to use, offers a selection of simple tools and calculators to empower people to find the best deal to suit their circumstances. The service also enables people to switch providers at the click of a button.

The Commission for Energy Regulation recently awarded accreditation to the website, making it the first price comparison website to achieve it. Check it out – – and perhaps you can make some summer savings!

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