HMRC Tax refund scam – PLEASE READ

It has come to our attention that e-mails are circulating purporting to come from HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue and Customs). These e-mails claim that the are from HMRC and that they are offering a tax refund.

The letters have the appearance of being genuine, claiming to come a Tax Credit Officer in Preston, England. It has a genuine 0845 (switchboard phone number) that will take the caller through to an HMRC call centre; however the e-mail address for the HMRC on the e-mail is false. The respondents are asked to complete a proforma attached to the e-mail (seeking personal, security and banking information)

I have checked with HMRC and they have confirmed that this is a variation of similar scam e-mails that they are aware of. They state that they would never communicate with the public in this way and that they would not ask for a proforma to be completed on-line.

Also on the e-mail was a hyperlink purportedly to an HMRC website. I would remind everyone including the public that these links should never be used, as you may allow a virus etc to attack your computer.

The public should be encouraged these matters to their local Police, Trading Standards and to forward any suspicious e-mails to ‘ABUSE@’ the originating ISP i.e. [email protected]

Further information information on scams etc can be found on the Fraud unit pages on PoliceNet by using the following link



Stephen Crooks

Detective Constable, 16779

Fraud Unit

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