Call for Papers

Good morning!

On behalf of the Organizational Committee of the 2013 4th Business
Convention and Expo of the
Deaf (

We CALL to submit a proposal for discussion panels, general session, and
breakout sessions if you are interested to present at 4th BCED in Chicago,

Our conference is scheduled June 12-15, 2013 in Chicago, IL.

FYI, Call for papers deadline is January 30, 2013.

Submit the proposal online at:

Our convention core will be focused on Innovation and Collaboration. The
BCED conference
motto is named “Innovation + Collaboration = Success!”

Every attendee comes from various backgrounds in business, education,
marketing, science,
sales, technology, hospitality, culinary, finance and many other areas.
We’re not about business as usual. We call the movement to transform
individual’s personal
development and business from GOOD to GREAT!

We believe that the creation of mutually supportive community who invests
in the future of our
Deaf and Hard of Hearing society and act as a catalyst of positive change
is the key of business
and personal growth.

Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf provides education, empowerment
also stimulates a
collaborative culture of new thinking, possible opportunities, and
unconventional ideas.
The Committee seeks sessions that will engage panelists, presenters, and
audiences in the
consideration of ideas, information, and exchange that will advance
knowledge and skills, also
educate and enrich audience in personal, professional and business
development and growth.
We look forward to your colleagueship at our Chicago conference and to a
program that reflects
the dynamism of Deaf and Hard of Hearing professional and business community.

Submit the proposal online before January 30, 2013 at:

Looking forward to this opportunity to work with you!

Jamie Clark,
Speakers Chair