ISL TEDx Dun Laoghaire event Thursday 12th and Wednesday 18th

To the Deaf and CODA Communities of Ireland 

My name is Catherine Dunphy. I am the music lead on the TEDx Dun Laoghaire team. 

We would like to invite you to our FREE of charge ISL TEDx Dun Laoghaire 2020 speaker event this Thursday 12th at 8pm YOUTH event and
Wednesday 18th at 8pm YOUNG at HEART event. 

TEDx Dun Laoghaire’s ethos is all about inclusion. 

In 2019 we had a deaf speaker, Joanne Chester, on our panel of speakers with a talk entitled ‘Not just Deaf’ and we had ISL interpreters for each of our talks. 

We are the only TEDx event that went ahead virtually in Ireland this year on October 23rd.

We are also the only TEDx event which has a Youth section called ‘Young Changemakers,’ making the programme suitable for teenagers and adults alike.

The virtual event this Thursday and the following Wednesday will have Catherine White as the ISL interpreter for each talk and has been
created specially for the Deaf and CODA communities.

I have attached some information about the talks and the speakers.
Please complete the registration form for both the Young Changemakers and Young at Heart event.

Joanne Chester talk will also feature along with some music with both ISL and a video from Lámh signs.

We would love if you could pass this information on to as many Deaf schools, Units and other Deaf and CODA Community groups so that as many people as possible join this event.

I look forward to your reply. Please feel free to contact any of us for more information.

Best wishes.

Catherine Dunphy
Janie Lazar (Founder of TEDx DL)- 0868572005
Catherine White (ISL / BSL Interpreter.) – 0892647855
Catherine Dunphy (Music Lead TEDX and CEO of The Magic of Music Ireland) 0861066885
Joanne Chesters 2019 TEDx talk link –