Accounting Technician required for Deaf Village

Vacancy in Deaf Village Ireland

Accounting Technician required for Deaf Village Ireland for a half day or one day per week and these hours may increase over time. Please reply no later than Tuesday 19th March at 5pm. Send your CV to

Work Activities and Responsibilities
Deaf Village Ireland is looking for an accounting technician that will be fully responsible for all accounting and finance activities, including payroll administration, preparation of accounts, balance sheets and tax returns, and invoice management. Using software packages to record and retrieve information, particularly in TAS system.

Accounting Technician Job Description
The accounting technician will be expected to perform the following vital duties, tasks, and responsibilities shown in the job description below:

• Deaf Village Ireland uses TAS for accounts and SAGE for payroll. The accountant is expected to be able to use both.
• Evaluate and manage schedules of standard objectives, financial statements and reports
• Organize source documents, files and other account affiliated information around rent and utility bills.
• Perform proper costings for all utility and rent costings for all organisations in Deaf Village Ireland.
• Attend Deaf Village Ireland Audit Meetings and Board meetings to give update of accounts for DVI.
• Manage the budget and carry out analysis on all data
• Organize all journal entries, perform analysis on account records and conciliate all statements for month ending on TAS system.
• Prepare wages, taxation as desired every month.
• Perform analysis of accounting systems, observe any flaws, and give suggestions for improvement
• Reassess all check requests and supervise all invoices for precision.

Hours of work
One day per week 9-1pm, then may gradually be one day a week there would be flexibility for two half days instead of one whole day. The role is mainly office based with much of your work taking place at a computer.

Location Deaf Village Ireland

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

• Prepare journal entries in TAS system
• Prepare invoices as requested for rent, utility bills and room hires
• Complete general ledger operations and other monthly and yearly accounts.
• Administer accounts receivable and accounts payable
• Monitor and resolve bank issues including fee anomalies and check differences
• Assist in preparing budgets and forecasts
• Assist with implementing and maintaining internal financial controls and procedures
• Analysing costs for tenants with meter readings for Utility bills and doing up invoices
• Preparing financial Reports
• Monitoring Financial transactions

• Monthly closings and preparation of monthly financial statements
• Reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts
• Draw up monthly financial reports
• Prepare analysis of accounts as requested
• Assist with year- end closings
• Prepare tax computations and returns
• Assist with payroll administrator that pays wages and salaries through SAGE.
• Account/bank reconciliations
• Review and process expense reports
• Assist with preparation and coordination of the audit process
• Assist with implementing and maintaining internal financial controls and procedures

Education and Experience:
• Degree or equivalent
• Knowledge of accounting principles and practices
• Knowledge of finance principles
• Knowledge of financial reporting
• Knowledge of Irish Company law regarding accounting, finances and taxation
• Technical accounting skills
• Previous experience of general accounting
• Proficiency in relevant accounting software
• To have the willingness to learn Irish Sign Language and about Deaf Awareness.

Key Competencies and skills:
• Attention to detail and accuracy
• Planning and organizing
• Deadline-driven
• Scheduling and monitoring
• Communication skills
• Problem analysis and problem-solving skills
• Initiative
• Adaptability
• Team work
• Confidentiality
• Sufficiently conversant with the use of computer, skilled in performing mathematical processes; and an outstanding knowledge of utilizing accounting software.