14th Dec – National ISL Day

National ISL Day – 14th December from Irish Deaf Society on Vimeo.

Exciting news…IDS is holding an event on the 14th December. Why the 14th December? I’m sure you all remember last year, the day ISL was officially recognized in the Dáil. Now it’s one year on and we want to celebrate the day! We’d like to invite you to join us in our celebrations here at DVI in the Hub at 11 am. We will have a brief review on the last year since ISL was recognised. If you can’t come don’t worry about it, that night from 7 pm we will meet in Doyle’s Pub, downstairs.

If you are not able to attend either event, feel free to organise your own events all over Ireland to celebrate National ISL Day on the 14th December! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos from the celebrations.